Create Metal Gear Solid V emblems and use them as phone and desktop wallpapers.

Example emblems you could create


Developing locally

First install the npm packages:

Then, start the development server and open http://localhost:8080:

Test the production server

The app is deployed using Docker. If you want to test out the Docker container locally, run:


Gather image assets

Make sure you have Docker and Pipenv installed first.

First install the pipenv and node packages:

npm install --dev && pipenv install --dev

These are already part of the repository, but if you want to refresh the assets, run the following commands:


Then, in a separate terminal:

./scripts/ && ./scripts/word-renderer.js runs a Docker instance of Splash to run the Javascript on webpages visited by the scraper.


Thanks to Kojima Productions and Konami for making MGSV, particularly the Mother Base emblems.

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