Understand and grow your Twitter audience with detailed analytics.

Your Twitter account, like you’ve never seen it before.

ilo surfaces helpful metrics so you can understand and grow both engagement and followers.

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ilo digs deeper and shows more data. So. Many. Charts.

By tracking your tweet activity, impressions and granular engagements, ilo makes it easy to see how your tweets perform.

ilo’s charts and table views give you a brand new way to view your tweets.

Custom metrics like EPT, EPI and IPF surface data you’ve never seen before.

With one glance, easily see which kind of tweets get more impressions, likes or profile clicks.

Order tweets by different metrics to understand which are most enjoyed by your audience.

Tweet timelines

View a chart showing engagements and impressions over a tweet’s first 24 hours.

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Email digests

Get a quick overview of each day’s tweet performance in your inbox.

A table of tweets for quick metrics

ilo lays out your tweets in a simple but powerful table so you can easily look at figures quickly, by any metric (impressions, likes, replies etc.)

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Make your dashboard public

Similar to the “open startup” movement, ilo allows you to make your Twitter stats public.

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Try ilo totally free for 7 days. No credit card required.

ilo users have anything from 5 to 2m (!) followers and are people just like you: creators, writers, developers, marketers, marketing agencies, politicians, sportspeople, podcasters…

ilo is the best alternative to Twitter’s Analytics I’ve found. Tracking my most popular tweets and my follower growth are my two favorite features!

I’ve always wanted a simple way to see if all the time I waste spend on Twitter is paying off, and ilo is exactly what I was hoping for!

I used to check Twitter’s basic analytics no more often than once a month. With ilo, I found myself checking analytics almost daily.

ilo allows me to check engagements on a per-tweet basis, capture trends earlier, and ultimately learn more about my behavior in the past so I can optimize for my future.

The main reason I prefer ilo to Twitter Analytics is that it prioritises engagement over vanity metrics. That’s what growing an audience is about—it’s great to use a product that optimises for that.

ilo allows you to go deeper than Twitter’s basic analytics and helps you optimize for engagement. It also shows interesting data like follower count for each day and engagement per tweet. I enjoy checking out the dashboard each morning!

I gave ilo a try to see how effective it is, and I am pleased to say it’s the most useful Twitter analytics tool.

ilo is so simple and clear that I’m able to figure out how to adjust my strategies for Twitter. It’s a pleasure to use!

I’ve been on Twitter for 11 years and have tried many solutions to get the right metrics that can help me understand what content works for me and my audience.

ilo is the best tool by far and now I have clear insights into how every tweet performs, what content resonates, and a dashboard to manage my growth metrics.

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Account switching

Log in to multiple Twitter accounts in ilo and quickly switch between them.

Instant insights when tweets perform well

Get alerted when a tweet takes off, and compare engagement with other tweets.

Engagement benchmarks

Compare your data against others with similar follower counts.

And more…

Your dashboard is only three clicks away.

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Try ilo totally free for 7 days. No credit card required.

“ilo” is the Finnish word for “joy” 😌

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