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  1. I don't think this argument is very convincing.

    There's still more than enough space between the edge of the phone and the edge of the screen to allow a case to have a slightly overlapping lip. Cases that work this way are better because they give you a new bezel made of rubber above the screen to cushion a fall.

    Now, maybe Apple wants to convince people that a case that doesn't actually protect the screen is a good case. It decidedly is not, but I wouldn't put it past them.

  2. The swipe from bottom gesture meant the least annoying iPhone X / 11 cases had the bottom mostly cut out, e.g. the Apple silicon case. Another reason for not covering the edges.

  3. The more pertinent question, if you step back for a moment, is why the hell are we sacrificing everything for thinner phones and edge-to-edge displays only to then ship them with a more or less mandatory case to stick in.

  4. Just because the magnetic properties came up in this thread: I doubt Apple designed it this way, but an ipad pro with their keyboard folio will stick to the metal walls found in your average restroom.

  5. I hate cases and think they make the phone totally bulky. The strap for the 5th pen iPod touch is what should be on every iPhone. Apple often comes up with good ideas but fails to execute on them properly.

  6. PopSockets undermine this thesis. They stick onto a device without magnets.

    More likely the case magnets are there to help magsafe work, not vice versa.

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