I am a maker and right now working on 2 side projects. I am decent at coding but I am bad in marketing and building audience. I am working on that skill but what to do if you are not good at building an audience?

Is it fine we if the focus on making a product that people really want and let organically build an audience around the product?

Do share your thoughts.

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  1. If you want to make money from your product eventually, you need to get good at building an audience. Start small. Blog posts about the problem your tool solves, post on Twitter and Reddit. It takes some time and effort but anyone can do it. Coding is the hacking part of been an indie hacker; the I die part is doing everything else (marketing, sales, etc).

  2. I face the same problem. I've developed an integrated listing and CRM platform for real estate agents in the US.

    I'm planning to cold email realtors to fix up discussions and try to take it from there.

    I'm thinking of writing and spreading the word around from any success stories or feedback that come out of the above efforts.

    I'm also thinking of targeted FB ads and need to see how that goes.

  3. First, bravo for being a maker! You shared two projects below, one of which only works if there is a community. The other one is arguable. If you like to build, but aren’t good on the community side (which is totally fine) then maybe focus on products and projects which are useful just to one person. You could also try things like some type of SEO play, or selling things via advertising, etc.

  4. Its hard to organically grow a product on its own without network effect.
    If you think you are better off just working on product then consider affiliates. They will do this thing for you. You will have to price your product accordingly to include their commission. But its an easier path to start with. Over time you should focus on developing your own brand and presence in the market.

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