As SaltStack co-founder and CEO, I am incredibly proud and excited to share that VMware has announced its intention to acquire SaltStack.

For the last eight years, SaltStack has worked hard to build intelligent, scalable and future-proof automation software that helps organizations control and better secure their IT infrastructure. There are so many who have helped us get to where we are today: our community of contributors and users who invest their personal time and energy to build and evangelize Salt; dedicated and brilliant employees who have spent years delivering best-in-class solutions and support for our customers; investors who saw our potential and partnered with us every step of the way. And, of course, our many customers who have put their belief and trust in our products as we’ve expanded our open source project and evolved our offerings with full-fledged enterprise solutions.

One of my greatest joys as SaltStack CEO comes from working with so many incredible and unique organizations—from nimble startups to the largest, most complex businesses in the world—and watching the impact SaltStack has had on these businesses and the lives of their employees who use our solutions. Now, with our coming integration into the VMware family, I’m excited to share our unique and powerful brand of event-driven automation with VMware’s customers. I’m also thrilled to have access to the platform and resources to create and deliver even better SaltStack products and services for our existing and future customers as well as the Salt community.

If you asked me a year ago which company would be best to acquire SaltStack, I couldn’t have given you a better answer than VMware. The VMware team has demonstrated incredible strategy, ingenuity and execution in their quest to empower customers to build their multi-cloud future, and I’m honored SaltStack now has the opportunity to be a part of that.

To SaltStack customers and community members, we are grateful for your support and sincerely value your belief and trust of our solutions. You can count on the full continuation of services with even more resources to deliver value to you.

I look forward to providing more details in the coming weeks as to how SaltStack and VMware will be moving forward together. Please join us for SaltConf20 Virtual on October 29th to learn more.

Marc Chenn | SaltStack Co-founder and CEO

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