The University of Costumed Heroes is an animated video telling
the story of a group of heroes falling prey to the powers of
proprietary software in education. The university board acquires
cutting-edge remote learning software that enables them to
continue their operations online, but — [SPOILER ALERT] — it may
sow the seeds of their downfall.

This video is the second in a series of animated videos
created by the Free Software Foundation’s (FSF), and this one is
themed around our campaign against the use of proprietary remote
education software

We must reverse the trend of forsaking
young people’s freedom, which has been accelerating as
corporations try to capitalize on the need to establish new
remote education practices. Free software not only protects the
freedoms of your child or grandchild by allowing people to study
the source code for any malicious functionalities, it also
communicates important values like autonomy, sharing, social responsibility, and collaboration.

Support our work

To further help us bring attention to, and start a conversation
with, institutions that are endangering students’ futures and
jeopardizing their education by relying on proprietary software ,
please show your support for free software in education and this
video by promoting it.

If you enjoy this video, consider becoming an FSF associate
or donating to the FSF to help us create more
videos like this to help spread free software awareness.

More information about the different formats the FSF chooses to use.

Help us translate to many different languages so we can share
this video across the globe! Translation drafts and the how-to
can be found on our the LibrePlanet wiki. Once you have
finalized a translation, email and we will
publish it.

Subtitle files: English | Español | Français | Italian

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The University of Costumed Heroes by the Free Software Foundation

LENGTH: 02:33


STORY: Douglas J. Eboch

ANIMATOR: Zygis Luksas

The University of Costumed Heroes by the Free Software Foundation Copyright © 2020 is
licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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