SRC Technical Note

1997 – 018

August 20, 1997


The 1995 SQL Reunion: People, Projects, and Politics

Edited by Paul McJones


Systems Research Center

130 Lytton Avenue

Palo Alto, CA 94301



Copyright (c) 1995, 1997 by Paul McJones, Roger Bamford, Mike Blasgen, Don
Chamberlin, Josephine Cheng, Jean-Jacques Daudenarde, Shel Finkelstein, Jim
Gray, Bob Jolls, Bruce Lindsay, Raymond Lorie, Jim Mehl, Roger Miller, C.
Mohan, John Nauman, Mike Pong, Tom Price, Franco Putzolu, Mario Schkolnick, Bob
Selinger, Pat Selinger, Don Slutz, Irv Traiger, Brad Wade, and Bob Yost. You
may copy this document in whole or in part without payment of fee provided that
you acknowledge the authors and include this notice.

A reunion of people who worked on System R and its derivatives, including
SQL/DS, DB2, and R*, was held at Asilomar on May 29, 1995. This is an edited
transcript of the day’s discussions, incorporating changes provided by the
speakers. It provides an informal but first-hand account of the birth of SQL,
the history of System R, and the origins of a number of other relational
systems inside and outside IBM.

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