Pay back you rent and utilities in smaller and more manageable installments rather than as a single large payment.


We want to provide flexibility in how you pay your rent and utilities every month

Step 1:

UpWell will provide you money to cover you rent and utilities.

Step 2:

Set up a payment schedule over the course of the month to pay us the full amount back plus a small fee.

Make rent, on your own time

Create your own payment schedule

We are a group passionate about trying to help people

Our mission is to provide greater flexibility in the way that people can pay off there rent and utilities

Avi Konduru


An entrepreneur from an early age, he has always looked towards creating or working for companies that are both interesting and mission driven. Having spent time working in finance and at FinTech startups, he used his knowledge of the space to come up with the idea of UpWell.

Nathan Martinez


A serial entrepreneur through and through, he has both worked for and started many different startups. Through this, he has developed an extensive knowledge of the FinTech and InsureTech space. He also has interests in Blockchain and PropTech.

Join our upcoming Beta program

We are currently looking for people to do a trial run of the UpWell platform. By entering your email, you will be put on our waitlist for access to our Beta. This will allow us to contact you if you are chosen to take part in our Beta.

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