Data center or dynamic cloud infrastructure, dedicated servers or ephemeral applications and

services, access by internal team or managed service provider;

TRASA provides modern security features and enables best practice security

to protect Web, SSH, RDP and Database services from unauthorized or malicious access.

Unified Access Control Platform

A unified security platform that can address every access control security requirements for your team. TRASA enbles best practice security by default.

Privileged Access Management

Privileged Account Management

Single Sign On

Single Sign On for HTTPs, RDP, SSH

Policy Defind Access Control

Policy Defined Access Control

Credential Vault

Password and Keys Vault

Session Audit

Session Audit

Dual Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication

User Identity Providers

Identity Providers

Service Identity Providers

Service Identity Providers

Integrations with services you already use

TRASA securely controls user’s access to protected services. In most cases, user’s identities are managed by identity providers like active directory, LDAP servers, and service identities are managed in cloud service providers or data center virtualization platforms. TRASA integrates with these service platforms (providers) to seamlessly integrate with existing workflows.

Open source and Enterprise

TRASA is opensource project with Mozilla Public License (MPLv2).

For Enterprise deployments and support, ping us using form below.

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