• Pay as you go — no signup, no subscription.
  • No wrestling with complicated templates or images.
  • No tracking, no privacy issues.
  • Just write, send, and move on.

Sending emails used to be simple.

Now there are new tools to learn. Templates to build and customize. Privacy laws to follow.

When all that really matters is your audience receives your message, fast. This is where Plain Sending comes in.

How it works

1. Compose your email 📝

Write your email using your favourite email software: Apple Mail/GMail/Outlook/Yahoo etc.
With over 90% of your audience reading it on their smartphone, keeping the layout simple and
focusing on your content is the key to engagement.

Instructions 1

2. Attach a list of recipients 📎

Attach a csv file to your email with your recipients’ email addresses.

We don’t store or share your data after your email has been sent.

See an example csv file

You can even personalize your content.
See how.

Instructions 2

3. Send 🚀

Send your email to

We’ll reply with a email containing a secure payment link.
As soon as you pay, your email will be on its way.

Instructions 3

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