Rediscover ten random Pinboard bookmarks every time you open a new tab. Open-source.

Pinrecall is an open-source Chrome extension that allows easy rediscovery 
of Pinboard bookmarks. 

I built this to solve a problem that I face - bookmarking pages
only to never see them again. The extension is very simple and 
small (<120 lines of plain JavaScript). Every time you open a new tab,
Pinrecall displays ten random bookmarks from your Pinboard library. That's is all
it does. No data collection, no resource hogging.

All data is stored within your browser, and you may verify this for yourself from the source code provided here:

After installation, open a new tab. You should see a prompt for Pinboard login.
This is where you'll need to enter your Pinboar API token. This is necessary to
fetch your bookmarks.  

To get the API token - 
1. Login to
2. Go to `settings` > `password`
3. Copy the token which looks like `username:xxxx`

Paste the token into the prompt on the new tab, and you're done! The first time you
login, it may take a few seconds to fetch the bookmarks and cache them locally.
Subsequent loads should be instant. 

Note: If you want to logout and clear local storage, click the trash icon on the top right

Copyright (c) 2020 Srimukh Sripada
MIT License

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