Create a fully-working AWS infrastructure, defined as Terraform TypeScript code, in seconds

$ npm install --global

Who is Scaffold for?

Developers, startups, digital agencies who don’t want to start from scratch each time they have to create an AWS infrastructure.

How does this work?

Choose an infrastructure in our catalog. Configure it using the Scaffold CLI. That’s it! You now have an infrastructure defined as Terraform TypeScript code (using the CDKTF).


Choose an infrastructure in our catalog

What do you want to do? Deploying a static website?

$ scaffold aws:static-website


Configure your first environment

Dev, prod, stage? Same code but different configuration

$ scaffold init
No environments found. Creating a new one.
? Environment name: prod
AWS account
On which AWS account would you like to create this infrastructure?


Create your infrastructure

Create the resources for the configured environment

That’s it!

You now have a fully-working infrastructure created on your own AWS account and defined as TypeScript Terraform code.


Choose between an open-source plan or an enterprise one

$89 / mo / infra

  • Priority support
  • Custom infrastructures catalog
  • Premium features (preview URLs for each PR…)
  • CI/CD for your infrastructure code
  • …and all the features of the open-source plan

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