Visual rank of your website is as important as your SEO rank.

Users make lasting judgments about a website’s appeal within a split second. This first impression is influential enough to later affect their opinions of a site’s usability and trustworthiness.

What is Visual Mind ?

Visual Mind is an AI engine specifically designed for understanding and scoring visual appearance of a website. Visual Mind has analyzed over a million websites to achieve an accuracy rate of over 97%.

What is Visual Mind Score and why it matters ?

For too long, aesthetics of a website has been dismissed as a superficial concern. That is a mistake. As latest research demonstrates ( See recommended ref) , the visual appeal of a website is tied up with far weightier issues, such as functionality and trustworthiness.

Have you “fast-tested” your website? Remember, you have only fifty milliseconds to impress your visitors. Flash your website to people for a very short period of time and then ask for their opinion. That is the opinion that matters.

Visual Mind score – provides you with a qualitative score about that first impression. It can help you evaluate your website aesthetics and make improvements.

Check Your VM SCORE

Want to explore more – we recommend

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