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Back-up your files in a distributed manner, across multiple stores of your choice, by splitting them to shares.
Retrieve them at any point, with only a minimum number of shares required for retrieval.

Gasper is based on the awesome Shamir’s Secret Sharing algorithm.

Supported stores

Type Description Attributes
local Store share in a local directory directory-path (string)

Feel free to contribute your own stores – S3, Google Drive, Twitter, FTP, or anything else you’d like 🙂


go get -u

Using local store



gasper store --stores-config  --file  [--encrypt --salt  --share-count  --shares-threshold  --verbose]

Outputs file ID and checksum on success which should be used for retrieval.


gasper retrieve --stores-config  --file-id  --destination  [--checksum  --encrypt --salt  --verbose]


Best effort deletion.

gasper delete --stores-config  --file-id  [--verbose]

Stores configuration file:

  "stores": [
      "type": "",
      "": "",
      "": "",
      "": ""
      "type": "",
      "": "",


Gasper is released under GPL. See LICENSE.txt.

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