A mini OS X app to simply upload a CSV/JSON/EXCEL file to a database (PostgreSQL | MySQL | SQLite | Oracle | Microsoft SQL Server).
You don’t need to create the table structure, the application extract it from analysing the content of the file.



Go to Release to download the app.


Behind the scene, it’s simply a wrapper on the awesome Pandas.to_sql function.

To make it an app, we use Pashua & Platypus.

Build it

  1. Download Pashua: curl https://www.bluem.net/files/Pashua.dmg
  2. Create a python virtual environment: virtualenv -p $(which python) venv
  3. Activate the environment: source venv/bin/activate
  4. Install dependancies: pip install -r requirements.txt
  5. Download Platypus and install it.
  6. Start platypus and create the app. See the configuration example

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