Populates your YouTube Subscriptions page with content from other video platforms. Currently supports Bitchute and odysee.com.

This extension allows you to keep up to date with creators who don't have a YouTube account right from your YouTube subscriptions page. Everything in one place 👍

How to use:

1. Visit the other video sites and login to them using your web browser as normal.
2. Visit your YouTube Subscriptions page (https://www.youtube.com/feed/subscriptions)
3. You should now see content from all video sites listed on that page.

Common Issues:

1. If for some reason you don't see the content on the YouTube page, but you are logged in to the other video sites, wait 5 minutes and try again (EveryTube takes that long to update sometimes). 


Q: Does EveryTube access my login username or password in any way? 
A: No.

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