Fixed logs to set deadlines right from the input

Logs make you think ahead of when a task should be completed
and prevents mixing tasks with different priorities.

  • Day

    Tasks you can complete today

  • Week

    Tasks you can complete within the week’s span

  • Month

    Then those you have to do within the month

  • Future

    Everything that has to be done someday

  • Document

    Things you want to keep for later but are not tied to a date

Freely move tasks between logs to re-organize

Keep a tight view on what’s realistically possible



When you have a lot of things to do it can become hard to decide what to do next from your log at a glance

Grouping tasks creates a strong visual impact

Scanning through your tasks becomes faster & clearer

  • As many collections as you want

  • Display tasks by collection is a button away

  • Switch collection with one touch

Create sub-tasks to keep a clear focus on the log

Visualize how many sub-tasks there are or there is left in the task

  • Unlimited number of sub-task per task
  • Complete or cancel
  • Edit inline
  • Create a task from a sub-task
  • Merge tasks a sub-tasks

  • Wait for all sub-tasks to complete



Shape the interface to your taste with the multitude of options

Unlimited variations make the app

  • Change the icons & their size

  • All CAPS or not

  • Line height & visual separator

  • Customize colors, icons, collections, dates

Habit management in integrated right in

Define your habit with a date start and end or

  • Shows up in the selected days

  • Can’t check past habit enforce completion

  • Statistic on your habits

  • Notifications for habits at a defined time


  • Shortcut add tasks & sub-tasks

  • Fast input to add multiple tasks

  • Procrastination detection

  • Notifications

  • Merge tasks

  • FaceID & TouchID

  • Statistics

  • Postpone a task later

  • Integrate calendar events

  • Document bold styling

  • Share a task & its sub-tasks

  • Background color

  • Badge app icon

  • Search

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