A map block for Gutenberg which uses OpenStreetMap and Leaflet.js. It needs no API keys and works out of the box (or, out of the Block, if you prefer). Benefiting from Gutenberg’s potential, the plugin tries a different take on how to add your locations on the map and rethinks a few things, UX-wise.

Instead of manually adding coordinates for each one of your markers, just click-and-drop them directly on the map. You want to adjust their position? Just drag them wherever you want. And instead of filling-in custom fields to set each marker’s popup content, just open that popup and start writing in it, the Gutenberg way (it supports WYSIWYG editing, with links, images, and all). It even stores the map’s zoom level as you use it so that you don’t have to set it by hand.


  • No need for API keys. Just install and use it.
  • Support for multiple markers.
  • Dead-simple interface. Don’t search for coordinates and don’t get overwhelmed by too many fields when using multiple markers. Just point and click on the map to add your marker where you want it and edit it’s popup content directly from there.
  • Place search. Find locations by typing keywords.
  • Remembers the zoom that you set when adding the markers and stores it so that you don’t set it by hand (which you can do anyway if you prefer).
  • Adjust the map height.
  • Change the default marker icon with a custom one.
  • Enable or disable map dragging.
  • Enable or disable touch zoom.
  • Enable or disable double-click zoom.
  • Enable or disable scroll wheel zoom.
  • Set a minimum and maximum limit that the user can zoom on the frontend. Setting the same value to both fields will lock the zoom at that level.

This plugin provides 1 block.

Out of the Block: OpenStreetMap
  1. Upload the plugin to your WordPress plugins directory and activate it.
  2. That’s it. You can go to a post/page that supports the Gutenberg editor and start using the block called “Out of the Block: OpenStreetMap”

Do I need an API key, like with Google Maps?


That’s the point actually. Just install the plugin and start adding maps.

How do I add a new location?

To add a location, left-click on the map for a while, until the cursor transforms from hand to crosshair. As long as the cursor is a crosshair, it means that releasing it will drop the marker at that spot. That slight delay has been added to prevent you from accidentally add markers all over the place with every click.

How do I remove a location?

Click on the marker to open up its popup. There, you will see the “Remove” button.

I can’t find some of the options like disable dragging, setting zoom levels etc

Check under the “Map behavior” section, at the blocks’ settings at the sidebar on the right. It’s toggled off by default, that’s probably why you missed it.

Great plugin. First one that works very easy with multiple pins. And no API en giving credentials for billing. In the info window you van make a link to the route on Google maps if you want.

Formatting the block is easy.

Just because we don’t need an API license key, and we can have multiple pins per map among other things, for me this is the best mapping block. And of course, the plugin works exactly as advertised.

Until now, I was using my own map block I had created with ACF Pro, but that was just simple Google Map embed, which again did not require an API key, but was restricted to one pin per map, and of course no live data like traffic and other visuals, along with no street view.

Well done, and thank you,

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“Out of the Block: OpenStreetMap” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



  • Place search functionality added
  • Improved marker precision
  • Better handling of pinning on mobile devices
  • Overall improvements on dragging smoothness


  • Fixed a bug during plugin activation.


  • First releases

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