This is whisk-chess, the game of chess implemented as a serverless cloud application, using OpenWhisk. This single project may be deployed, as is, to multiple serverless clouds. It is an example of the power of a true, portable, multicloud serverless platform.

Here is a list of deployments in the various cloud:

And here you can see it also running in a custom built AWS EKS Cluster:

Whisk Chess in AWS EKS

You can read more on this blog post.

You can deploy your own serverless chess app to the Nimbella serverless cloud in three steps. Skip 1 & 2 if you already have an account setup locally on your machine.

  1. Download the Nimbella CLI.
  2. Run nim login to login or sign-up if you don’t have an account (it’s free and convenient).
  3. Run the Nimbella deploy command.
nim project deploy github:openwhisk-blog/whisk-chess

You will see output that looks like this:

Deploying project 'github:openwhisk-blog/whisk-chess'
  to namespace 'your-example-domain'
  on host ''
Started  running ./ in github:openwhisk-blog/whisk-chess/packages/default/chess
Finished running ./ in github:openwhisk-blog/whisk-chess/packages/default/chess

Deployed 1 web content items to
Deployed actions:
  - chess

You can open your browser to the shown web URL to start playing chess. Enjoy!

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