Hi everyone,

We surveyed 278 professionals about serverless technology and adoption and I thought to highlight some of the results here.

Whats's covered in this report?

The first section of the report is focusing on adoption-related questions such as usage of serverless technologies, organizational experience, and more.

The second section covers the benefits and downsides of the technology as well as the most popular use cases and tools to get the most out of serverless technology.

The final part of this report highlights the key decision-makers when it comes to adopting serverless technology. We also wanted to hear the opinions of those who are not using serverless technology, to learn more about the reasons why they haven’t adopted it.

Here's a collection of several key findings based on the community's answers:

1. Currently AWS is the leading provider followed by Azure and Google Cloud.

2. The two biggest benefits of using serverless architecture are flexibility in scaling and speed of development.

3. Node.js is the most widespread programming language when it comes to serverless, with Python in second place.

4. The most common use case for serverless is rest APIs, and the second is data processing tasks.

5. The biggest challenge for developers working with serverless is debugging. By far. Architectural complexity is not even close in second place.

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