Today we are announcing the formation of a new project group under
the libs team, focused on error handling!

Some of the goals this project group will be working on include:

  1. Defining and codifying common error handling terminology.
  2. Generating consensus on current error handling best practices.
  3. Identifying pain points that exist in Rust’s error handling story.
  4. Communicating current error handling best practices.
  5. Consolidating the Rust error handling ecosystem.

This new project group is being shepherded by Jane Lusby
(@yaahc) and Sean Chen
(@seanchen1991), with Andrew
Gallant (@BurntSushi) acting in
an advisory capacity and Ashley Mannix
(@KodrAus) acting as the library team

Anyone interested in helping out with the above goals is invited to
come say hi in the group’s Zulip stream. Feel free to also check
out the group’s GitHub repository.

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