In addition to XDC2020 this past week, the Linux Foundation hosted the virtual OpenPOWER Summit North America 2020 event as well with a mix of interesting hardware and software presentations.

Recordings from the virtual event aren’t yet available but will be soon via the OpenPOWER Foundation YouTube channel but there are slide decks for many of the presentations.

For those interested in IBM POWER and the open-source POWER ISA, some of the interesting talks with assets available include:

– Peter Czanik talking about the road to open-source for POWER.

– William Starke and Brian Thompto of IBM talking about POWER10 from the hardware perspective. The slides are quite detailed and interesting for those interested in processors.

– IBM’s Archana Ravindar talking about compilers for POWER.

– Roberto Innocenti provided an update on the POWER64 laptop that is still being worked on via community donations as an open hardware platform. They still though are doing the R&D as opposed to being focused on “making or selling any physical product.”

– 3mdeb’s Michal Zygowski talked about POWER support in Coreboot including the possibility of POWER10 support in 2022, possible fwupd/LVFS support for OpenPOWER machines, and more.

– As part of IBM open-sourcing the A2O processor core this week, Bill Flynn of IBM provided more details on this processor family.

– Luke Leighton on the Libre-SOC for the hybrid CPU/GPU SoC.

The full line-up of talks can be found via

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