A cleantech solution to collecting ocean data

Solar powered autonomous boats providing real time information to protect our oceans.

Our oceans are full of information.  Information that can protect at-risk whale species, allow ships to voyage more fuel-efficient routes, crack down on illegal fishing, and enable us to better understand the impacts of climate change.  Our boats are equipped with sensors, cameras and communication devices so that we can capture information from anywhere on the ocean and have instant access to it.  Harvesting energy from the sun, our boats travel nonstop for months, without producing any greenhouse gas emissions, noise pollution or risk of oil spills.  They are an essential component to creating a digital ocean, an Internet of Things for the sea, where we finally begin to understand some of the most mysterious regions of our planet.

Own a USV

You can purchase a USV to run your own data collection missions.  We’ll work with you to ensure that you have the sensors you need and the knowledge to control the USV.

Let us Collect your Data

We provide complete mission services, collecting the data that you need and delivering it when you need it.  Our team will help you plan the mission and execute it from start to finish.


Boats produce 1000 megaton of greenhouse gas emissions every year, more than all of Canada emits.

By helping ships plot more fuel-efficient routes using real-time information on ocean conditions, ships can conserve fuel and reduce emissions.


Taking one offshore research vessel off the ocean for a week is like taking 100 cars off the road for a year.

Our boats can replace or augment vessels that use sensors or cameras to observe, protect and understand the ocean, reducing the need for traditional fuel consuming vessels.


Illegal fishing accounts for 20% of all wild fish caught, earning poachers $30 billion a year.

Our boats can patrol the ocean, safeguard Marine Protected Areas and facilitate the capture of  illegally operating vessels.


700 million litres of oil enters the ocean every year through boat spills, leaks and intentional discharges.

Our boats can monitor for oil spills, detect intentional dumping and aid in the clean up effort.


Oceans bear the brunt of climate change, causing acidification, sea level increases, and changes in temperature and currents, which impacts the health of marine species, ecosystems, and our coastal communities.

Our boats can measure the changes in our ocean so we can better understand how we can respond.


Melting Arctic sea ice has tripled traffic in the north over the last 25 years yet only 1 per cent of the Canadian Arctic is charted to modern standards.

We can provide a cost-effective method to map the Arctic to reduce the risks of ships running aground and observation in remote regions to expedite response time.

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