of the people, by the people, for the people

— Happy Unification Day!

Y’all wanna fight the power? I can’t stop, won’t stop fightin’ that pow’a. For ’Muricah, bishes.

Organizing that next underground national union of the people, by the people, for the people. We are here to eradicate bipartisan and negative-partisan political infighting, government corruption and corporate greed. We labor to empower the community around the centrist ideology of libertarian progressivism, humanitarian traditional conservatism, and rational reasonable respectful peaceful discourse.

You’re probably wondering how those words even fit in the same sentence together. I’m probably sounding pretty oxymoronic right now. Open your mind to unlearn what the forces of fear, and the lies of Satan’s tongue, have done to wound your heart. Open your heart to accept the ancient and immortal spirit of love that pervades and permeates the universe. Despite the atrocities we have seen, been through, and even perpetuated, remember the moral doctrine and those righteous traditions this progressive liberal nation was founded upon.

Through innovations in technology empowering ground-up monetary reform, justice reform, immigration reform, healthcare reform, welfare reform, communication and media reform, we will reconcile social equality and opportunity with never-before imagined levels of human equity, prosperity and security for the American people and all of humankind alike. As our seeds grow into mighty oaks, the weeds and bramble around us will wither and further fertilize our growth. Sic semper tyrannis.

We don’t want to “burn it all down”. We come with a warning not to throw the proverbial baby out with the bathwater. Never act in anger or fear. I know of a better way. You are never powerless, when you accept the salvation brought by your spiritual shepherd and warrior. Some may call it their spirit animal, angels, and/or Jesus.

Who or whatever we have to thank for the beauty of a sunset or the innocent laughter of a baby, I work only for that sort of appreciation and glory, particularly and singularly. I invite you to keep me vigorous with your love and support, keep me honest with your attention and critique. I will only accept sustenance, sustainability and the growth of this ideology through others. I will never commercialize or seek to profit from these works, though I generously invite anyone to derive their own commercial works for profit as they see fit.

I’m all about that BSD/MIT software development movement. Forget all of that commie GNU/GPL nonsense.

Through the development of open-source software and blockchain-powered networks a peaceful (not “mostly peaceful”; peaceful) revolution is already underway. We are now ready for our day in the sun, which will rise, after even the darkest of days and coldest of nights. It has been promised to us all.

The establishment needn’t even have a reason to fear us. We abhor the level of inequality in the world today, but whether you’re in poverty or enjoying wealth and abundance, the time has arrived for all of humanity to become lifted and gifted. It has been taught to us that while the “middle” class must be strong to maintain a prosperous society, evil hides easiest among those in the middle. Exceptional righteousness is easiest to identify and follow when it comes from the poorest and richest of people. We do not reject the natural order of capitalism. Instead, we reconcile progressivism, socialism, liberalism and conservatism with it.

I intend to oversee this plan unfold without a single life lost or person starved. I have chosen to dedicate my lifetime and give my own life, if necessary. It just had to begin with a little loud-mouthed mudda fugga like me. Isaiah vi:iix, e’ry single day.

I have seen over the mountaintop, but I haven’t yet been able to stand upon it. Please join me in sharing a vision of The Coming of The Lord, and bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth, (or something like that). If you feel you are surrounded by chaos and evil, fear and lies, maintain faith that order and good, love and truth, will prevail. However, I may die tonight. So download the source code. (gh:CropCircleSys/nuOS)

On that note: while you’re downloading and compiling, read more of the spiritual scriptures of your family and community, research the traditions and heritage of your ancestry, and download that into your independent open mind and warm heart, as well. Furthermore, seek righteous fellows to commune with as you do, lest you suffer the confusion of the devil as he clouds your eyes, tongue-rapes your ear, slurps out your brain, rots your heart and liquefies your guts.

Refuse fear, guilt and lies. Rather, embrace humble reckoning and atonement. Reject the devil’s foul curse. You have that power. I will teach you to unleash it, we will all teach one another, using open source technology to master your own digital independence, sovereignty and autonomy. Through the sharing of knowledge, the cultivation of wisdom, diligent effort, and humane fellowship, we will take America and the internet back from giant corporations and big government for we the people of the world.

  • nuOS.net — National Union Organizing Society

    • Promote humanity, individuality, family, community, and nation.
    • Federated: your nodes free of restriction, our nodes free of cost; seamless peering.
  • nuOS.org — Next Underground Operating System

    • Embrace digital sovereignty, autonomy, and independence.
    • Designed for copious forking and merging; make it your very own and/or follow a sensei.
  • nu.Gold — Cryptographic Assets of Value and Merit

    • End the Fed.
    • Talent, knowledge, experience, skill, wisdom and culture are the peoples’ assets.
    • Managing your information as your asset is the foundation for all other functions of the peer client agent.
  • nu.Cash — Cryptographic Debt Instruments and Monetary Products

    • Stop the international banking cartel.
    • Skills, labor, trust, association, and reputation back the peoples’ debts.
    • Your humanity itself has value and deserves credit. Be your own bank.
  • nu.Money — Cryptographic Equity Issuance & Offering System

    • Bring down Wall Street.
    • Transparency, truth and integrity build the peoples’ equities.
    • Accounts, reports, billables, receivables, all automatic and seamlessly integrated.
  • nu.School — Knowledge Library and Training Academy

    • An educated populace is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.
    • Build a public library of knowledge, market for training, forum for wisdom.
  • nu.Zone — Identity & Authority Registration

    • Open the doors to sustainable lawful global migration.
  • nu.Team — Collaborative Resource Management

    • Manage families, groups and companies seamlessly and securely.
  • nu.Parts — Construction and Manufacturing

    • Empower the a nation of the most industrious innovative individuals again.
  • nu.Chat — Realtime Private Communication

    • Why do we still communicate like we’re using a pane of glass or a typewriter?
  • nu.Email — Secure Electronic Post Office

    • It’s still going to be here a long time.
  • nu.Place — Secure Site-Specific Storage Service

    • The physical world becomes enveloped by our digital world now.
  • nu.Software — Universal Software Distribution Center

    • Writing code is a very social business.
  • nu. — Interactive Media Presentation

    • We should do much better than an ol’ so-called ‘boob tube’.
  • nu. — Realtime Media Distribution

    • Everything is happening all around us right now.
  • nu. — Social Media Chronology & Archival

    • Put real life on-line; not anti-social dysfunction.
  • nu. — Advertising and Trend Analysis

    • Why give over half the money and all of our data to a monopoly?

Contact me, fellow Earthicans! If you’ve Learn(ed) To Code, I really want to eat your brains!

Fund me, rich guy there! If you’re ballin’, let’s Make America Ball Hard as a Mawlfugga Again! (You like steak? I’ll take potatoes! )

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