What we’ll do

Join us for a great session facilitated by Design for Impact. We will learn about what Systems Thinking is, how it relates to the work we do, and how we can harness it for doing impactful work.

The agenda includes:

– Talk on Systems Thinking by Abram El-Sabagh

- Hands-on activity to get us started with visualising complex systems

- Discussion and reflection


Abram will introduce us to what Systems Thinking is and talk about real-life examples of using systems practice to solve design problems. We will then



Founder, Design for Impact

Abram is a designer and researcher with significant experience applying design and systems thinking around the world. He has led projects focused on social impact and innovation in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Africa. He has coached teams around the world to tackle complex problems, from malnutrition to disaster risks. He has worked across government and not-for-profit sector in health, social justice, education, agriculture, disaster management, politics, 
and water and sanitation.

He believes that the power of design is in engaging diverse perspectives, enabling people to navigate complexity and bring about a better future. Abram has led successful design and innovation projects for the governments and global not-for-profits.


Design for Impact is a global community of designers and change-makers who are working every day about creating a better future. We learn together, share our experiences, and connect to use our collective for good.

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