How I spent my quarentine…

Where I live quarentine started on March 13th (which was the start of my march break).

For my march break I went to visit my homecountry of Brazil. I left on the saturday, march 14th and got there on the sunday.
But the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau decided to close the borders on the Monday of that week. So I was stuck in Brazil for about a week in a half (10 days), and my family was freaking out over the fact that I was with my father in Brazil.
But luckly me and my father managed to come back to Canada a week and a half later.

Another thing I did was try to reporgram the robot from last year, I got to the shooter and climber. And also I was working on this website with my friends, which was a super fun experience.

During this time I basically hung out with my friends through discord while we played among us or minecraft. It was very boring for the most part but I had fun having game nights with the Robotics team and my friends.

When things stated to open back up again, I finally decided to go meet up with 2 of my friends at a park (this was mid July). After that it was my birthday in August and we had a few family friends over for a birthday dinner.

And then we just needed to know when school stated back up again and how it would work, the school board and the province spent the entire month of august disscussing this and only telling us how it would go a week before school started.

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