I purchased a handful of older domains for $200-500 each and have been monetizing them through adsense and outbrain. >99% of my traffic is paid, which I buy at ranges of $0.05 to $0.25 CPM (PM me if you need the sources). I am able to consistently earn $0.40 to $0.80 CPM with my current two monetization pathways that I use. It is basically CPM to CPC arbitrage, which is nothing new.

I am currently at about 8M impressions a month per site and am working on scaling out to new sites to grow my network. On GA our site traffic looks legit based on user counts, bounce rates, time on page, etc. My traffic sources claimed they score high with DV and IAS and so far this year I havent had any issues

Last week my colleague advised I implement FullStory on my site to see what users do on our site and its pretty clear that none of our traffic is engaging with our content. Like literally there is no on page activity that resembles anything legit. at first i was going to follow up with my traffic sources but i figured there wasn’t anything for me to gain from that since I can still monetize what i am buying currently.

What do you advise I do now that i have this information? Ive never measured traffic quality myself but is there a need if there are buyers for what i am selling?

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