A year ago, I started working in a mid-size (100 devs, single monorepo, bazel, 50 microservices) company with a relatively slow CI process – 30 minutes from commit to a green check.
Both ICs and the managers in the organization was ok with it, I was pretty shocked, 20 minutes for feedback? I want it to be more like 5 minutes.
During the last year, I started to measure, debug, and speedup the CI process (while waiting for the builds) and was able to reduce it to 6 minutes in the 50th percentile, 15 minutes in the 95th percentile. While After this project I've got appreciated by my colleagues, but I still feel it's not enough. Maybe I'm asking too much from our CI process?
How much is it takes from a commit until you get feedback from the CI pipeline? How many devs?

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