I was planning to move to London and open a ltd company in the UK but the pandemic happened. Now I don't know when I'm going to be able to do that (considering we're in the middle of the pandemic) or if it's a good idea anymore. Brexit, IR35, London being expensive and Covid in the UK.. the insecurity adds up. I'm reading that many people are moving out of (or have already left) London due to the pandemic. I'm from a EU country that doesn't have a good ecosystem for entrepreneurship and I want to leave the country for personal reasons as well. My idea was to be in London for at least 6 months per year (for taxation reasons). After December 2020 it will also become harder to open an Ltd as a EU resident because of Brexit.
From what I've read (and I've read quite a lot) it is going to be a problem if where you reside is different from where the company is located. So I'm trying to see where to move that is helpful to the business but also somewhere I like living.

My second option was Berlin and opening a UG, but I'm reading of many hurdles one has to jump with a German company. Harder to close if things don't go well, more expensive to operate, more regulations to adhere to, more bureaucratic processes etc. I've thought of Paris as well but I've read there's a lot of bureaucracy/hurdles that makes things hard for business owners.

TLDR; It seems that UK ltd is way more straightforward and the ecosystem and taxation is easier to understand (documents in English certainly help). On the other hand many people are saying you shouldn't found a company in the UK right now because of all the aforementioned reasons.

Any advice?

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