Hi HN,

I manage a team of 3 developers (4 in total) and every sprint we either fail to deliver the work we commit to, or deliver work that ultimately fails the QA process. Even though half the team is quite junior (this is their first job) everyone is smart and capable of writing logical, working, and tested code.

Things I've tried:
Reducing the scope of the sprint to something that should be very easy to deliver on (Parkinson's law got us)
Daily 1:1 10 minute meetings with each seemed to be a burden on a everyone and didn't lead to productive conversations.
Creating a rigid structure for the daily standup (Usually a ~5 minute meeting) but people seem to indicate everything is fine until 3-4 days before the end of the sprint.

For a young, scrappy, startup (we're under a year old) I'm struggling to understand if it's an issue of motivation, organization, team, or there are just some fundamental things that need to be fixed.

I would argue that everyone likes working with each other – so “starting over” isn't the first choice for anyone.

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