I am sure I am not alone being unsettled about the growth of global surveillance capitalism and its outbound channels to e.g. state-level security agencies, coupled with recent global re-emergance of authoritarian nationalism and an overall concern of humanitarian rights in the coming decades.

What causes, movements or organizations are active or growing for someone who feels like they want to contribute time and/or money to do contribute with regards to this? The Pirate Party movement seems pretty much dead and some of its pioneers are now in the European Parliament or in national parliaments either as minorities, independents or converts – either way they seem to be dying. The stakes have grown since their days of glory, though.

There's EFF of course, but only seem active in a select few places (mostly US, and some EU, most notably Germany and UK).

For someone in a country where none of these are relevant, are there any other platforms to get organized with other activists/lobbyists/volunteers/etc?

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